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Recreational League

Welcome to SCFC USA recreational program. Our goal is to provide a learning experience to our youths in the basics of soccer and at the same time have fun and develop good sportsmanship. Whether you are a first-time player or have a passion for soccer our U.S. Soccer licensed coaches and UEFA Licensed will guide you the process of learning the fundamentals of soccer. This program is age based and grouped by individual birth year. Recreational Soccer is for players new to the sport and returning players.  Our programs begin at 5 years old and run through all age groups up to under 12 years old. This program runs year-round by season and typically practice twice a week. Learn more

Competitive League

Welcome to SCFC USA competitive program. This program was designed to help develop elite soccer players by offering them the best professional coaching in United State of America. Our experienced and U.S. Soccer licensed coaches and UEFA Licensed are dedicated to building up your child into a professional athlete by providing the top leading skills in soccer training. We strive to provide area youth with an opportunity to learn, have fun and experience the importance of teamwork. Our program begins at 8 years old and run through all age groups up to under 18 years old. This program runs year-round by season. Learn more

Technical commission

With extensive experience in training athletes with passages in major clubs in Brazil and international experience Across the continents South America, North America, Africa, Europe, Asia Composed of Soccer Executive, Soccer Agent, Head Coach, Auxiliary Coach, Physiologist, Physical Trainer, Goalkeeper Trainer, Physiotherapy Clinic.  Learn more

🇺🇸 USA <> Brazil 🇧🇷 Sports Exchange

USA - Brazil sports exchange, has been growing a lot in the American Leagues and universities. There is nothing better than combining a passion for football with a high level of education. We work in partnership with several coaches and universities. The program Offers Housing, Food and Physical and Technical Preparation for Athletes to Present themselves well in their Tryout.   Learn more

High Performance

Welcome to SCFC USA's high performance program.  This program is designed to help provide soccer players with the very best in high-level training in speed, power and endurance.  Along with the Specific Technical Part.  Our program uses tactical strength and conditioning training to help you become a professional athlete.  Our experienced and licensed soccer coaches are dedicated to providing a training program that focuses on agility, quality movements and exercises such as upper and lower body strength, strength movements and Specific Technical and Tactical plyometric exercises that will lead to better results. for every football player. This program starts at age 10 and covers all age groups.This program takes place throughout the year, in all seasons. Learn more


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