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I, Moises Junior, Licensed UEFA, President of Santa Cruz FC USA, born in the City of São Paulo - Brazil, would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Santa Cruz Futebol Clube.  The objective for which this club was created By Moises Junior, Luis Lillo and President Santa Cruz FC Brazil Mr. Jonas Alvarenga is to help develop elite soccer players by offering them the best professional training in the United State of America.  We strive to give the region's youth the opportunity to learn, have fun and experience the importance of teamwork.  At the same time, create a soccer program that develops the characteristics of honesty, companionship and discipline essential to good sportsmanship.  We are committed to transforming your child into a Professional player by offering exclusive programs at our club.  Most importantly, the program has a positive impact on the future, on families and the community.

Santa Cruz -06

Story Santa Cruz

In 1914 a passion in three colors began: Santa Cruz Futebol Clube 

In the courtyard of Santa Cruz, in front of the church with the same name, the centenary club was born.


Santa Cruz FC was the first team in Brazil to receive men of color. It's a club that brings together all classes, all races.
The colors of Santa Cruz FC Black, white and red. Represents the people, black, white and Indians History.


This story begins in 1914. Brazil Recife entered the urban and modern twentieth century. The capital was becoming a metropolis with European features. Tram, houses with electricity, basic sanitation being implemented. The neighborhoods of Santo Antônio and São José were where everything happened. In Boa Vista, lived the middle class of the city. 

At that time, the Englishman Charles Muller kicked off what would become a passion of millions of Brazilians. A ball game became a habit among young people from all over the country. And in Recife, it was no different. 

- The youth from the Boa Vista neighborhood started to practice a new sport, which had arrived here with the 20th century, which was football, brought by the British. The first football clubs began to emerge - explains journalist and historian Leonardo Dantas.


Our Team


Coach Moises Junior

UEFA Licensed football coach, 35 years professional experience. 

Profile Brazilian Born in Sao Paulo City in 04/29/1972. Started his Professional Career as a Player in 1985 at Sao Paulo FC. Has Internationally Developed his Coaching Career in  Brazil, Africa , United States of America.

Currently living in Florida, United States as a Permanent Resident.


Coach Pavel Vicevich

Coach Pavel Vicevich was born in Bolivia has 25 years of experience played semi pro with  team Real Madrid in the California league. Was an avid resident for Academy world soccer coached by England elite pro players.Loves to coach and share his goalkeeper skill to new generation of players.


Coach Luis


Shelly - Office Manager

The Fields

Field 1


4480 Boggy Creek Rd

Kissimmee FL 34744

Field 2

Lake Nona

4480 Boggy Creek Rd

Kissimmee FL 34744

Field 3

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  • Certified coaches

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  • Great Facilities
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